Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Good morning starshine The earth says hello

"And up on the hills against the sky,
A fir tree rocking its lullaby,
Swings, swings,
Its emerald wings,
Swelling the song that my paddle sings."

from The Song My Paddle Sings
by Emily Pauline Johnson

Today we paddled across the Banana Slough and dragged
the canoe a short distance to the much larger slough next to it.
This will be the first of several posts as it was a productive
trip. We have canoed for hours in the larger slough several 
times but this was the first time we have seen moose. We first
encountered a female then a male both reclining in the water
probably to escape bugs. Both my wife and I initially thought 
the females ears were the wings of some bird trapped in 
the branches, odd but we both first interpreted the movement 
as wings.

The female stayed in place regarding us for some time, the
male we encountered later, moved off before I could get a
good photo. We were very pleased to have been so close to 
female. And seeing two moose was a real treat.

"Nor dares complete the sweet embrace.
Into the hollow hearts of brakes,

Yet warm from sides of does and stags,

Pass'd to the crisp dark river flags;
Sinuous, red as copper snakes,
Sharp-headed serpents, made of light,
Glided and hid themselves in night."

from Said the Canoe
by Isabella Valancy Crawford 

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