Saturday, June 24, 2017

"We could go there and live, have a place, 
a shoulder of earth, watch days 
find their way onward in their serious march 
where nothing happens but each one is gone. "

from East of Broken Top
by William Stafford

Congratulations Lynda!!!

We took the canoe down to the small slough
directly in front of the cabin. On the way we
saw a Western Red Lily the provincial flower,
Lillum philadelphicum var. andinum.

Our disappearing pension, via Rose Breasted Grosbeaks.

We were looking to see if the higher water level would allow us
to drag the canoe directly to the larger slough. It will for now.

We saw the Red Necked Grebe that has nested in front
of the cabin with a chick on her back.

There still seem to be three eggs in the nest but she does
not seem to be brooding them

Every activity by the cabin is scrutinized by the Phoebes,
in the slough the Red Winged Blackbirds take over.
And they are not quiet about it.

 My pretty?

The way to the promised land, the other slough

This Bufflehead family were unimpressed with us . I am 
not sure if all these chicks are hers, ducks are like that.

The slough curves around (hence the name Banana Slough )
and the other side is pretty much cut off from any road or path.
Which is fine with this doe,

 and her fawn, 

who has a lovely spotted coat.

 While circling one of three beaver lodges within 
few hundred meters of the cabin to see a shorebird
we found it was also used by a Garter Snake.
My brother in law has seen them dive for leeches
while he was working in the water, they are obviously 
more comfortable in an aquatic environment than
we realize.

The cabin on it's shoulder of earth.

The whole grebe family take to the water.

We were always screened from the other slough until this 
year when the tree sharks ate them. This afternoon Helen
pointed out White Pelicans on the larger slough. If you squinted
you could see them from the couch. Cool!

Not a great photo but I took it from the front porch, cool again.

"Somebody spoke and I went into a dream."

from A Day in the Life
by The Beatles

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