Friday, June 23, 2017

"Love: as though the stars
rushed in upon a void, and in extinction
left a flower."

from Disintegration in a Dream of Love
by D.G. Jones

After a couple days of rain, note to self an uninsulated cabin
4 ft of the ground has no thermal mass and thus retains no 
heat, we are planning to add a wood stove, soon. 

Each year the environment around the cabin 
and the species present change. This year a pair of 
Yellow Warblers have decided to nest 3 ft. off the ground 
in a rose bush next to the porch. ( I just looked it up 
a nest is typically 10 ft. off the ground ) All photos were
taken thru the living room to avoid disrupting the
family, and my plans for a garter snake rock garden
there, put on hold.

First the male fed the female while she brooded.

Then the male took a break to do some brooding 
himself on his upcoming responsibilities.

Or maybe just enjoy the sunshine.

But soon the kids showed up. Hopefully they can
go undetected by the many Red Squirrels and 
Chipmunks in the area.

"But then I saw his luminous plumed Wings
prepared for flight,
and then I heard him singing glory
in a green tree,
and the I caught the vest he'd laid aside
all blest with fire."

from Marvell's Garden
by Phyllis Webb

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