Monday, January 16, 2017

Canadian Poetry Gift

"With sealed eyes, still bosom,
And folded feet I fare
To that country under dream
Where Eternity and Time
Are two sides of a drum."

BY A.J.M. SMITH (News of the Phoenix) 1943

Last week I received a gift of some beautiful old
Canadian poetry books, many inscribed by the authors, as well
 as a lovely collection of books by and about Dylan Thomas.

What a special and generous gift.

"Now lift your eyes
To see the nightly patterned skies
How did they come there
The Hunter and his Dog, The Virgin and the Bear?"

from Ideas of Order
by Jay MacPherson (Nineteen Poems) June 1952

"There is a mountain  everyone must climb,
Different for all and yet it is the same.
We start to climb before we have a name,
And nick the summit in our nick of time."

from The Mountain
by Robert Finch (The Strength of the Hills) 1948

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