Sunday, January 8, 2017

"Time is measured in change
whether by the movement of
instruments or in the appearance
of our bodies. We often feel the 
need to escape to places where time 
will not follow. To the solitude of a 
cathedral or an untouched forest
floor. Here, as we contemplate the
scope of human existence, we
cannot forget that even cathedrals
crumble and forests die. The 
computations of astronomers bear
witness to the gradual alteration 
of the constellations as the stars
move across the firmament. The 
works of nature and man disintegrate
and are gone,  and nothing endures
on the vault of the sky of the surface
of the sea. Only the shapes of the
land seem eternal."

from A Vanished World, T
he Dinosaurs of Western Canada

by Dale A. Russell

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