Thursday, June 30, 2016

Black Bears

There’s a bear in the Truro woods.
People have seen it - three or four, 
or two, or one.

from The Truro Woods
  By Mary Oliver

I had great hopes that, based on the trauma that two young bears  I 
wrote about in my last post suffered, they would after sober second 
thought and quiet reflection decide on a change in venue and possibly
enrol in the Peace Corps, enlist or maybe join a bear friendly religious
order, something with fryers perhaps? But in the manner of teenagers 
everywhere and most adults I have meet, all they learned from their
past mistake was "lets try it again and see if it works out differently". 
The very next evening they appeared in the same spot, however they
did get a different result, the resident bear did not appear and after
swimming across the slough they disappeared in a different direction
and as far as we know did not approach the cabin. While we were
thrilled to see them hopefully they are adventuring in a different area
and we can resume the even tenor of our days.

"The bear went over the river, 
To see what he could see.

And all that he could see, 
Was the other side of the river,
The other side of the river, 

Was all that he could see."

uncredited Children's Song

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