Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I have shamelessly borrowed this idea this from Roy
at the Great "The Fenlandwalker Countryside Blog"
and declared a "Cow Day"

These are the crew on the farm in Saskatchewan.

I am Boomerang, I am in charge.

I'm new here, I'm wet behind the ears.

Okay I'm still wet everywhere.


I am number twenty-five, who is number one?

Show of Horns


Everyone line up for the group photo, then back on the bus.

" Oh calf, I sit and languish, calf,
With somber face, I cannot laugh,
Can I forget thy playful bunts?
Oh calf, calf, that loved me once?"

                                         Elegy to a Calf

Sarah Binks, the Sweet Songstress of Saskatchewan


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this post, having grown up on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma.
We don't often see cows, except for dairy animals here in Maine.

Guy said...

Hi Sandy That is neat I did not realize you lived on a ranch as a child. I always like to look over the cattle, there are so many colours, sizes, horn shapes etc. They look nothing like the standard dairy cattle I saw as a child in central Canada.

Thanks for your comments.