Monday, February 11, 2019

Flicker at Suet Feeder

-24C/-11F W 34C-/-29  7:30 at  a.m. in Calgary today.

"Those in the vegetable rain retain 
an area behind their sprouting eyes 
held soft and rounded with the dream of snow 
precious and reminiscent as those globes – 
souvenir of some never nether land – 
which hold their snowstorms circular, complete, 
high in a tall and teakwood cabinet."

from Stories of Snow 
by P.K. Page

Despite the cold this flicker showed up Sunday morning for suet.
Flickers used to migrate further south in winter, but apparently the
introduction of suet feeders encourages them to over winter. My 
friends in south Calgary have no luck with suet feeders as they are 
stripped immediately by magpies. Fingers crossed.

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