Sunday, May 14, 2017

"The wild keeps telling us something 
we want to pass on to the world:
Even far things are real.

from Whispered into the Ground

No sooner were we back for the coast then we 
visited one of my favourite spots, our friend's place  
on the prairie in Southern Alberta, where I managed 
to see one of my favourite animals. And no post
on the prairies would be complete without the poems
of William Stafford.

"That winter when this thought came-how the river
held still every midnight and flowed
backward a minute-we studied algebra
late in our room fixed up in the barn, 
and I would feel the curved relation, 
the rafters upside down, and the cows in their life
holding the earth round and ready
to meet itself again when morning came."

from Living on the Plains

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