Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"Deep into distant woodlands winds a mazy way, reaching to 
overlapping spurs of mountains bathed in their hill-side blue. 
But though the picture lies thus tranced, and though this pine-tree 
shakes down its sighs like leaves upon this shepherd's head, yet 
all were vain, unless the shepherd's eye were fixed upon the magic 
stream before him. Go visit the Prairies in June, when for scores 
on scores of miles you wade knee-deep among Tiger- lilies - 
what is the one charm wanting? - Water - there is not a drop 
of water there! "

                              both quotes from Moby-Dick
                                            By Herman Melville

This was the first Tiger-lily of our summer and I did take the
photo in June. It is berry season now the dry weather making for
bumper crops so far.

"He lives on the sea, as prairie cocks in the prairie; 
he hides among the waves, he climbs them as chamois 
hunters climb the Alps. For years he knows not the land; 
so that when he comes to it at last, it smells like another 
world, more strangely than the moon would to an Earthsman. 
With the landless gull, that at sunset folds her wings and is 
rocked to sleep between billows; so at nightfall, the Nantucketer, 
out of sight of land, furls his sails, and lays him to his rest, while 
under his very pillow rush herds of walruses and whales."

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