Saturday, January 24, 2015

"As we walk our own ground, on foot or in mind, we need 
to be able to recite stories about hills and trees and animals, 
stories that root us in this place and keep it alive. The sounds we 
make, the patterns we draw, the plots we trace may be as native 
to the land as deer trails or bird songs. The more fully we 
belong to our place, the more likely that our place will 
survive without damage. We cannot create myth from scratch,
 but we can recover or fashion stories that will help us to see 
where we are, how others have lived here, and how we
 ourselves should live."

from Telling The Holy
          Scott Russell Sanders

Last week I notified my employer of my intention to retire
this spring. The above quote indicates in part, what I hope
to do. Which is to learn and  participate in the rhythm of 
life and the change of seasons that occurs in the area 
surrounding our cabin. There will also be time for books, 
hobbies, friends, and family. The movement of clouds and 
stars against the sky, the winds across water, through
 trees will hopefully not find me too busy or too tired to 
pause for a moment to listen to their songs. 

The night before we left the cabin this year the young bear that has
been hanging around the last year or so crossed the road. Not a 
great shot but a good reminder.

This is the life I wanted, and could never see.
For almost twenty years I thought that it was enough: 
That real happiness was either unreal, or lost, or endless,
And that remembrance was as close to it as I could ever come. 
And I believed that deep in the past, buried in my heart 
Beyond the depth of sight, there was a kingdom of peace. 
And so I never imagined that when peace would finally come
It would be on a summer evening, a few blocks away from home 
In a small suburban park, with some children playing aimlessly 
In an endless light, and a lake shining in the distance.

from In The Park
By John Koethe


Kathie Brown said...

Oh, Guy, I am so happy for you! I hope the trees sing to you often! Nice bear and I love the last poem!

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

Thanks for your comment.


WildBill said...

Retirement sounds wonderful. My wife is retiring soon. I will wait another 3-4 years. And even then I will continue to work in my profession part time because it keeps me on top of things in my field of study. I have to admit, I'm admiring your choice.

Guy said...

Hi Bill

I have to admit I have sucked all the fun out of my current job and am ready for a change. I have any number of hobbies to pursue and my wife and I want to spend time at the cabin while we are fit enough to enjoy it. I believe that she also has a list of places we will be traveling to.


Celeste said...

I am so happy for you Guy, what a wonderful place for you to reconnect with the real world, because, lets face it, that is what the natural environment really is. I hope you enjoy every minute and I look forward to your posts.