Thursday, January 9, 2014

" It is a winter's tale
That the snow blind twilight ferries over the lakes
And floating fields from the farm in the cup of the vales,
Gliding windless through the hand folded flakes,
The pale breath of cattle at the stealthy sail,

And the stars falling cold,
And the smell of hay in the snow, and the far owl
Warning among the folds, and the frozen hold
Flocked with the sheep white smoke of the farm house cowl
In the river wended vales where the tale was told. "

from A Winter's Tale
Dylan Thomas

More from the farm.


"When for too long I don't go deep enough
into the woods to see them, they begin to
enter my dreams. Yes, there they are, in the
pinewoods of my inner life. I want to live a life
full of modesty and praise. Each hoof of each
animal makes the sign of a heart as it touches
then lifts away from the ground. Unless you
believe that heaven is very near, 
how will you
find it?"

from The Faces of Deer
Mary Oliver

" Now do U understand what heaven is
it is the surround of the living"

                                             The Changing Light at Sandover
                                                          James Merrill


Celeste said...

It certainly looks chilly where you are Guy. I love the shots of the deer with their tails raised, great action shots. Stay warm :)

Guy said...

Hi Celeste

Calgary is a bit warmer than the farm which is nice. Thanks for you kind comments.


Julie G. said...

Lovely winter scenes, so beautifully photographed! The poems accompanying the stunning photographs makes for a most delightful post. I can see you have had a lot of snow in your area recently.

Guy said...

Hi Julie

We have had a very snowy winter this year, but we are having a Chinook here now so it has warmed up in Calgary.

Thanks for your kind comments.

Kathie Brown said...

Guy, you always pick such wonderful photos and and words! I love this post!

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

Thank you very much, I appreciate your comments.