Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Throughout this long flow of the seasons,
life in an infinite variety of forms. life dormant in bur
and bud, in burrow and pupa-case, life biding its time,
would respond to the increasing warmth."

Wandering Through Winter
Edwin Way Teale

But today our winter chapter begins.

"Now as I stand 
Before the the window and attend
The sailing, flurrying flakes, the whitening land
I seek again in vain some clue or key
To liberate the guarded mystery.

This much, no more I know:
That science,  fixed to finite laws
Is helpless to unveil 
The supervening cause
And so, once more, I fail.

Now in my eighth decade, no wiser now 
Than the spellbound child
who first beheld beguiled, 
Long seventy years ago
Enchanted snow."

                                               Enchanted Snow 
                                          Melville Cane


Kathie Brown said...

Guy, I can't believe the snow has arrived, but I see that it has! so many others are wrapped in its cold blanket as well. Still, the snow dusted leaves are lovely, and I really love the poem at the end. I have never heard that one before, nor have I heard of that poet.

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

We always seem to get at least a bit before Halloween now just to show us mother nature means business. I am glad you like the poem his Snow before Evening is lovely as well.

"Suddenly the sky turned gray,
The day,
Which had been bitter and chill,
Grew soft and still.
From some invisible blossoming tree
Millions of petals cool and white
Drifted and blew
Lifted and flew,
Fell with the falling night."

Melville Cane


WildBill said...

And so winter is about to begin. Wonderful poem, it really caught my attention!