Monday, September 23, 2013

"We have left less than one-tenth of one-percent of our prairie.
The rest of it died to make Iowa safe for soybeans."

Loren Lown quoted in
Grassland: The History, Biology, Politics, and
Promise of the American Prairie
I have not posted for awhile I thought I would finish
with photos from our trip home from the cabin in August.
Shaun a bit more woodsy now trots down the lane before
our two day car ride. The 9 hour round trip has been
split over two days with the dogs which allows for stops
and sight seeing. As always I am fascinated by the flat
landscape and vast sky of the prairie.

"On a bus headed South
The sky opens to a great bowl of prairie
distance is everything here.
the currency of wind, grass
the dance of clouds with their shadows"

Some of the best places to stop are the access roads
leading to the oil & gas pumps and compressor
stations nestled amid the immaculate monoculture
crops of the southern prairie, better living thru chemistry.
Still one does find that even there nature continues.

A  brief passage thru the Badlands.

I believe I once received a tin Marx copy of this exact
barn for Christmas, I was a very lucky little boy. I also
recall my dog Lassie ( a pom ) gnawed the heads off
the plastic sheep.

"I used to think that the soul
Grew by remembering, that by retaining
The character of all times and places it had lived
And working backwards, year by year,
                                                      It reached the center of a landscape "

                                                                      from The Near Future
John Koethe


Roy Norris said...

Some really amazing scenery Guy.

Kathie Brown said...

Guy, such beautiful scenery! I love that vast landscape! I laughed about your Pom named Lassie! Big aspirations!

Did you write that small poem in the middle with your name after it? Because I love it!

Julie G. said...

Guy, you certainly captured some lovely scenes on your ride back home. Breathtaking landscapes! The colors, depth and details in your photographs are wonderful. Love the pups too!

Guy said...

Hi Roy

I am glad you liked it I always enjoy your photos of the English countryside.


Guy said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Kathie

I have to wonder how many non collies were called Lassie by children who loved the movies and books.
And yes the quote is from one of my poems that I am still working on.

All the best.

Guy said...

Hi Julie

I am glad you liked the photos and the shots of the pups they were really enjoying their walk.

Thanks for stopping by.

Celeste said...

Some wonderful big sky shots Guy. I do find the endless acres of monoculture very sad, especially when I imagine how that area once looked.
Looks like your sweet little dogs enjoyed their trip :)