Friday, March 29, 2013

"We see them
and never see behind them
how flat they are
immobile     immovable
cold    calculating
O the flat platitudes
of the camera!"
from Postcard Mountains
Dorothy Livesay
Still ( and for a lot of entries, at the Sylvia).
I have not decided whether you become
accustomed to this landscape I assume people
can. But for me, whether it is the transition
between land and sea, the different plants,
the fact that in the mornings after high water
the park crew, seen only by the crows, the gulls
and the early morning wanderers, come down with
a big yellow machine to collect the great cedar logs
that have washed up on the shore but I have not
tired of it after several visits. Most of the birds
are not exotic new species instead those I see
are old friends that I greet anew in a strange
landscape that has been reshaped each night thru
the intersection of waves and wind. I find there is
always something new, ducks in the bay, birds on the
rocks and the entire enchanted forest beckoning me,
to explore, to see
let's look.
Down to the seawall.
Song Sparrow
"Those left on land
for a blue breath blown
from the sky's sighing
sea ripple in still light
sail furling out and flying."
                            from Parting
                                 Dorothy Livesay

Barrow's Goldeneye

Large dead trees in the park are sometimes topped
but left standing for woodpeckers. They can become
Or stages.

" His irritable hoarse
coughing cry
contradicts the slow    sure
heavy flight
weighted with wisdom
plumbed calm"
from Unmusical Bird
               (blue heron)
Dorothy Livesay


Kathie Brown said...

Guy, these are wonderful pictures! Wow! such great close-ups of the heron and the song sparrow! and you know me...I love to LOOK!

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

I am glad you liked them. There is actually a heron rookery in the park so it was a lot of fun.

Keep looking.


WildBill said...

Hey Guy

Some terrific photos here. They capture motion and spirit of the various things that you photographed. I have a real sense of the place.

WildBill said...

PS I am adding you to my blogroll, I really like your website!

Guy said...

Hi Bill

Thank you very much Bill. I really enjoy it when I can get a sequence of shots to capture a bit of the behaviour of an animal.