Sunday, January 20, 2013

“In the middle of work/we start longing fiercely 
for wide greenery/for the Wilderness itself, penetrated 
only/by the thin civilization of telephone wires.”

                                                         from On the Outskirts of Work
                                                                 Tomas Transtromer

 Saturday we were finishing walking 
the dogs when I heard the Crossbills 
again. They were across the street 
in an even taller tree than last week
and the tree was equally far from the alley 
and the street so the distance was a bit far
and the day overcast. The flock consisted 
of Red and White-winged Crossbills I did 
not see any Redpolls or Nuthatches but I only
had my camera no binoculars so they could
have been there.

Here you can compare the males of the two species.


Below a look at the crossed bill.

I saw the Flicker yesterday but did not get a 
good picture. But today the Red Shafted Flicker
appeared among our feeder birds. Thanks Kathie

"Seen from underneath everything is large,
As among gods.
The earthworm thinks it's thundering when you 
put your toe down.
From the dead's point of view, it's you who are in heaven."

from From Above, from Below and from the Side.
                      Rolf Jacobsen


Kathie Brown said...

The crossbills are wonderful. I have yet to see any myself. And isn't that a red-shafted flicker? Love the wodsy pictures. It looks so cold though!

Roy Norris said...

Fabulous shots of the Flicker Guy.

WildBill said...

Nice photos. We rarely get cross bills here but I do see them in northern Quebec in the summer.

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

It is indeed cold, thanks for your correction on the flicker we seem to have both. The crossbills have brought a lot of joy to my winter this year adding a bit of the northern mountains to our city yards.


Guy said...

Hi Roy

I am glad you enjoyed the flicker.


Guy said...

Hi Bill

I am glad you dropped by the crossbills are lot of fun.