Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This summer in Saskatchewan and Alberta I saw more
dragonflies and damselflies than ever before.

Boreal Bluet Damselfly

" I see the sky
Smile on the meanest spot,
Giving to all that creep or walk or fly
A calm and cordial lot."

                   To the Snipe
                                  John Claire


Kathiesbirds said...

Bluet, that's also one of my favorite wildflowers. Do you get them where you live? I like dragonflies and I love the name of that "Boreal Bluet damselfly!" It seems like there should be a poem in there somewhere!

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

We did plant some mountain bluet Centaurea montana in the garden but it spread too much. I have not seen it a lot was a wild flower here but we have similar plants. I am still working on my wild flowers. I do love all the bluet damselflies, we have several kinds all fairly similar mountain, prairie, taiga and boreal plenty of room for inspiration there.

All the best.