Sunday, July 17, 2011

Friday, hey did you know a roof is a complex project?

 Of course once it is in the headroom in the loft will disappear.

One perk for the do it yourself project is the right to buy tools.
These are great.

The road goes ever ever on, so does the roof.

A fellow traveller.

 Sunday, the metal roofing is going on.

The only time we are sure what day it is, is Sunday.
The lumber yard is closed.

But things are looking up.

"Therefore out of the stir
Of cities and the ever-thickening press
The poet and the worn philosopher
To your bare peaks and radiant loneliness
Escape, and breathe once more
The wind of the Eternal: that clear mood,
Which Nature and the elder ages bore,
Lends them new courage and a second prime,
At rest upon the cool infinitude
Of Space and Time"

                     Archibald Lampman
                                Ode to the Hills 


Kathiesbirds said...

Love the cabin and the poem at the end of the post!

Jan Roseneder said...

Lynda and I are pleased to see you survived the big storm and going full speed ahead!

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

Thanks Lampman is a real favorite of mine. And the cabin has gone quite well.

All the best.


Guy said...

Hi Jan and Lynda

We got some rain and wind but it sounds like other areas got hit worse. The cabin stood up quite well and we are very happy with it.