Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday morning I was commenting on another blog
that I had snow but no robins. Saturday afternoon
I decided that I might as well be out in the snow
rather than watching thru the window. And there
he was, not looking terribly impressed.

So I am posting some robin shots for Sandy.

Despite his best efforts the snow shows no
signs of abating.

Even if I am waiting for spring,
today was a very beautiful day.


"There is a wilder solitude in winter
When every sense is pricked alive and keen
For what may pop or tumble down or splinter.
The light itself, as active as a painter,"

                                  The House in Winter
                                                  May Sarton


Kathiesbirds said...

I've had enough of the snow, but these are gorgeous pictures. Robin activity has definately increased in my yard with several being seen every day now!

Guy said...

Hi Kathie

Yes we got 8 inches but it is melting fast and now robins are everywhere.