Friday, January 21, 2011

I had planned to post some photos
from my business trip to Edmonton.
Boy lots of snow.

But then the neighbours dropped in.

Even the weird redheaded neighbours from down the block.

"Sparrows splash
in shallow sunny  

                                                Ken Wagner on Haiku Habits

At one point it was everybody out of the pool. 
Then I heard a magpie call, he landed, stomped
around the yard, saw me and left. 
The sparrows returned and
the house finches started to show up.

"Therefore I shall throw
Broken bread, this sullen day,
Out across the snow,

Betting crust and crumb
That birds will gather, and that
One more spring will come."

                                                    Ecclesiastes 11:1     
                                                                   Richard Wilbur


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